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Have you just been a victim of an unfortunate road event? Walking out the Insurance office, you must be panicking about the traffic ticket latched to your driving record and also surmounting insurance premium rates which are unavoidable. Relax drivers!! It’s time for you to indulge yourself in a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) /Texas approved Driving Safety course. Take part and avail the benefits of the TEA approved driving safety course to maintain a clean driving record. With the accident rates spiking in Texas, it is best to rely on this Texas court approved Driving Safety Course to improve driving skills, and also learn to maneuver the danger zones.

Texas Education Agency Approved Driver Safety Course

Easy To Learn CourseLearn at Your Own Phase, 100% Online
Lowest Price$ 25 Only – Lowest Price Allowed by Law
Texas State ApprovedTEA-Approved & Accepted by All Courts
Pass %100% of Our Students Passed
Customer Support24/7 USA Expert Support
ExperienceTrained 1 Million+ Student
RatingsRated 5 of 5 by Our Students
#1 Online Texas CourseDriving Safety Course Training Since 1998

Approved Driving Safety Course Texas is not just ensuring that you follow the rules and safety measures but also foreseeing the accident problems ahead of time and responding spontaneously. Enrolling our Texas approved driving safety course approved by the Texas education agency, you dismiss traffic ticket. What we offer in our TEA/TDLR approved Driving Safety Course are:

This is the prime rule that defines the term Texas Approved Driving Safety Course. After completing the course you learn to avoid danger by staying constantly alert, noticing changes in drivers’ behaviors and reacting to a potential threat efficiently and in a safe way.

Benefits of Doing Texas Education Agency Approved Driving Safety Course

Are you interested in our Texas approved driving safety course concepts and would like to take part in improving your Texas defensive driving skills?

Enroll with us and identify your loopholes as a driver and improves your Texas approved driving safety skills. Be prepared for anything that could go wrong in the ever-changing environment of the road.

  • Texas Driving Record Point Removal: Every 6 points on your Texas driving record over a span of 3 years counts towards a State surcharge of $100 and an additional $25 for every point that one attains thereon. This might be due to low driving skills which need improvisation. The 100% online TEA approved driving safety course helps toss away the traffic tickets and renders a clean driving record.
  • Get Texas Approved Driving Safety Course for Insurance Discount: To enjoy a 10% off on the insurance premiums, sign up for the online driving course. We very well know that insurance companies do not hesitate to multiply their rates even for a single traffic ticket in Texas. This premium discount works in your favor in saving towards Auto Insurance.
  • Is this Texas Approved Driving Safety course with No Final Exam: No, 3 chances to pass the Texas Education Agency Approved Driver Safety Course exam are provided with a single enrollment to the course. We have a great pass percentage.

    100% Texas Approved driving Safety Course Online

  • FASTEST Texas State Approved driving Safety Course completion certificates
  • Shortest TEA Approved Driving Safety Course
  • Add Driving Record at checkout
  • Get TEA Approved Driving Record
  • Information for Texas State Approved Driving Record
    • License Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Texas DPS Audit Number (find it in your driving license)
    • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

What are the steps involved to get Texas approved driving safety course certificate?
Step 1: Check if you are eligible for the course
Step 2: If you are eligible, request for permission from the law to enroll in the course
Step 3: Enroll for the course with us at the lowest price allowed by Law
Step 4: Complete the driving course and obtain the proof of completion certificate
Step 5: Present all the documents to the court for traffic ticket dismissal and clean driving record

Are you looking for Approved Texas driving safety course

This course is 100% Texas Education Agency Approved course. After completing our online driver course, you will get a certificate approved by TDLR.

How long is this online driving safety course Texas ticket dismissal course valid?
This Texas driver safety course is valid for 3 years from the date of course completion. It will help you avail discount on your insurance premium and also can help to erase points from your Texas driving record.

How to take Texas Education Agency Approved Driving Safety Course, there are a few basic checks to be performed:

  • Any valid driving license qualifies for this program. The exception is the commercial driver’s license, that cannot have the ticket dismissed after the Driver Safety course completion.
  • Anyone, who has not taken the course in the last 12 months, can register for the course.
  • Tickets charged with the excess speed of 25 Mph in a school zone or work zone, disqualifies the driver for this course.
  • Tickets charged with the seat belt violation disqualifies the driver for this course as well.
  • The drivers who plead guilty for their ticket points, are qualified to take up the course.

However, there are situations when the driver can always contact the court to be permitted to take up this course. The entire course is designed to assist the drivers to understand the road rules better. However, as an excellent incentive, they get to have 3 chances to pass their exam, with a single enrollment to the Texas Approved Driving Safety Course.

24/7 Customer Support

With an experience of serving more than 1 million customers since 1998, our customer support team is adept and enthusiastic in rendering support 24/7 and all around the year. Either through phone or via an email, we ensure satisfactory response with a turnaround time of just an hour. Call us at 800-373-7313 and ask away anything pertaining to the Texas Education Agency approved driving Safety Course.

Money Back Guarantee:

DTA provides you 100% of your money paid for the course if you are not satisfied by any reasons. But you need to request a refund within 7 days of the course registration and you also you should not take your final exam.

Is this Texas Approved Defensive Driving course in my county?
Frio Worth, Houston County, Denton County, Hamilton County in TX, Kinney, Martin. Mills County, Panola County Texas, San Saba City Texas, Wilson County, Victoria County, Bastrop , Bexar County, Bosque County, Brazos County, Brooks County, Burnet County are few counties in which this course is approved.

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Approved Texas Driving Safety Course with Printable Certificate

Got a traffic ticket in Texas and completing the course is not enough. You need to submit the course completion certificate to the court on time.
Texas state law will not allow any driving safety course provider to handover the Defensive Driving course completion Certificate on the same day and it will not allow you to take a printout on your own. Course completion certificate to be printed at the course provider’s office and has to process through any third party.
All course providers will mail you 2 copies to your mailing address. No course provider will send the certificate to the court directly. Before you submit the certificate you need to sign.

Texas Education Agency Approved Driving Safety Course Providers

Top Rated Texas Defensive Driving Course providers listed on www.tdlr.texas.gov/driver/driver.htm. Know about each course provider rating on Yelp, Facebook and App store(if available). Select the provider based on the user reviews given on defensive driving course. TEA is now officially transferred to TDLR. List last updated on ’12/18/2019’.

Online Driving Course Provider


★★★★★Traffic School 101No Driving Record(800)-373-7313
★★★★★Urban Traffic SchoolOffer Driving Record & No Final Exam(888) 299-8911
★★★★★Safety-Ed Texas Driving Safety CourseOffer Driving Record & Spanish Course Available(214)-504-9955
★★★★★Cheaper Easier Faster Texas Defensive DrivingOffer Texas Driving Record & No Final Exam(888) 896-3993
★★★★★I Drive SafelyGet TX Driving Record & No Final Exam(800)-723-1955
★★★★★DTA Program for Driver ImprovementNo Driving Record(800) 558-9887
★★★★★TDLR Texas – Approved CourseNo Final Exam & Offer Driving Record(800)-581-3997
★★★★★Traffic School OnlineYes(512)-422-9999
★★★★★National Highway Safety AdministrationNo(800) 829-3727
★★★★★The Express Lane Defensive DrivingNo(800)-646-2633
★★★★★Improv Comedy Club Defensive DrivingYes(800)-660-8908
★★★★★Comedy DrivingYes1-866-357-2020
★★★★Safe Driver Centre CourseYes713-664-4808
★★TicketStop Texas Defensive DrivingYes1-800-609-1720
★★Pro Defensive DrivingNo(877)-776-3389
★★★Fast Easy Defensive DrivingNo(713)-633-6614
★★Lone Star Driver SafetyNo(469) 844-1683
★★★★★Approved Course Defensive DrivingYes(325)-942-1937
★★Self Study Defensive DrivingYes800-463-3142
★★★★★National Driver TrainingNo(800)-942-2050
★★★Finish Fast Defensive DrivingYes(888)-947-6669
★★★Austin Driving SafetyYes(512)-241-1743
★★★★★Funny Bone Schools of Defensive DrivingYes(888)-331-2113
★★★★★Funny Bone Schools of Defensive DrivingYes(888)-331-2113
★★El Paso Driving Safety in TexasYes(915)-213-1042
★★★Get DefensiveYes(800)-851-3007
★★★Driving UniversityNo(877)-937-4846
★★★★★Funny Bone Schools of Defensive DrivingYes(888)-331-2113
★★★★1 Safe DriveYes(888)-750-6400
★★★6 Hrs – I Defensive DrivingNo(800)-446-1840
★★★★★Comedy Defensive DrivingYes(866)-357-2020
★★Complete Today Defensive DrivingYes(877)-424-6050
★★★★★Comedy Guys Defensive DrivingYes(214)-426-6339
★★★★24/7 Texas Driver SafetyNo(888)-718-3927
★★★★Court Approved Defensive DrivingNo(888) 947-6669
★★★★A Sense of Humor Defensive DrivingNo(888)-331-2113
★★★★DriveSafeTodayYes(800) 991-0310
★★★★Aceable Defensive DrivingYes855-982-9444
★★Christian Defensive DrivingNo800-888-8526

TDLR Approved Driving Safety Course FAQ’s

What is the difference between TDLR / TEA approved Defensive Driving?
Defensive driving and Driving safety course is one and the same a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation course. Each organization has a different way of addressing the course.

Doing Defensive Driving Course Help Dismissing Traffic Ticket
Completing this 6 hour TDLR approved driving course will erase traffic ticket in Texas.

Texas Approved Defensive Driving Course Providers Reviews

Myimprov Online Traffic School Reviews

myimprov – Texas Online Traffic School, founded in 1987 to do Defensive Driving an entertainment filled learning. My Improv Driving School in collaboration with Improv Comedy Club came up with the course which is not as boring as other driving course.
As Myimprov offer driving course as low as $25 there is no need to apply Myimprov promo code to get more discounts. There HQ is at – 17328 Ventura Blvd, Ste 202 Encino, California.

Strong Points of Myimprove Traffic School

Edutainment means education with entertainment.
Traffic Ticket Dismissal Course
Lowest Price without using myimprov coupons
100% money back guaranteed
Round the clock support Call:(800) 660-8908 also on Chat.
TEA School #: C2663-4. TEA Course Provider #: CP342

Facebook Reviews: 4.0 of 5 stars (32 reviews)

Yelp Reviews: 4.0 of 5 stars (44 reviews)

Traffic School 101 Reviews

Trafficschool101.com also known as traffic101 is one of the oldest Texas approved driving safety course providers. Traffic School 101 is offering defensive driving course, since 1998 in CA, TX, FL and many other States.

Traffic School 101 is based at 14549 Victory Blvd #202, Van Nuys, CA 91411, USA. They have a Driving Safety Course proven record of 100% pass rate. Most important to talk about TrafficSchool101 is about the course they offer. They offer the cleanest and simple text based course.

This text based TEA approved online defensive driving course simple to complete based on your convenience. Take the final exam as many times as possible, which gives the student to get through the exam.

TEA School #: C2185. TEA Course Provider #CP750

Yelp Reviews: 4.5 of 5 stars 51 reviews

I Drive Safely Traffic School Reviews

I Drive Safely is one of the most popular driving schools in the USA. IDriveSafely Defensive Driving Course is offered in every state of the United States of America. I Drive Safely is founded in 1998 with a vision to teach safe driving to avoid points on your record, insurance hikes and any future tickets.

Idrivesafely.com offer Texas approved driving safety course, Texas Drivers Ed Course, Texas Insurance Discount Course at lowest price compared with competitors. Contact I Drive Safely Customer Service Hotline: (800) 723-1955

Facebook Reviews: 3.0 of 5 stars

Yelp Reviews: 3.0 of 5 stars (67 reviews)

National Driver Training or USDriverTraining Reviews

National Driver Training or USDriverTraining was founded in mid 1997 by Mr.Wayne Tully. USDriverTraining aim is to design a course which is more engaging which will help the students to grasp the lesson.

USDriverTraining offers Texas approved driving safety course for $25 which is the lowest price any course provider can offer as per law. They are located at 1901 Ranch Rd 620N

Lakeway, TX 78734.

List of USDriverTraining Features

Offer Ticket Dismissal Course which is accepted by all courts in Texas.

On Line Verification, No hidden fees.

Identity Verification On-Line

Call at 512-222-1100 or 1-800-942-2050 Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm Central Time

Facebook Reviews: 3.6 of 5 stars 10 reviews

On there Website Overall Rating: 4.81 out of 5 Stars

No Rating on Yelp