TEA Approved Online Defensive Driving Course

Can I take defensive driving in Denton, Texas?

Are You Eligible To Do This Denton Driving Course:

  • Caught in moving violation. Word “motion” will differentiate from violations like parking violation, equipment violation, paperwork violation, etc which are not eligible for doing the course.
  • Driving license expired or do not have any valid driving license you are not eligible of doing Denton Texas Defensive Driving course.
  • If you are Authorized heavy weight drivers (Commercial Driving License Holders) not eligible for taking up driver safety course in Denton, Texas.
  • No valid auto insurance, not eligible for defensive driving course. This offense comes under insurance paperwork violation.
  • Got insurance discount or erased points from driving record doing driver safety course in past 12 months from offense, can’t do the course.
  • If you are eligible of doing Texas DSC in Denton and appearance date is very close then you need to hurry up, appear before the judge plea of “No Contest” or “Guilty”. (request for Texas driving safety course affidavit)
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Few Examples which come under Moving Violation:

  • Not obeying stop signal or red traffic light.
  • Not Stopping For School Bus when children are boarding or exiting.
  • Driving on the Shoulder.
  • Failure to Drive In A Single Lane.
  • Window Tints & Obstructions.
  • Failure in using appropriate signals for turns and lane changes.
  • Speeding (Limitations)
  • Crossing over a centre divider.

If you are Guilty or charged you are on “Probation”. Length of the probation is 90 days.

How Much You Need to Pay in Order To Request Defensive Driving Course?

Pay tooPrice
Court Fee$114.00
If Violation in School Zone Then Court Fee$114 $139.00
Complete the Course with in90 Days
TEA approved Denton Defensive Driving Course$25.00
Total Fee$139.00

Money Back Guarantee:
Our Denton Texas Driving Safety Course provides you 100% of your money paid for the course if you are not satisfied by any reasons. But you need to request a refund with in 7 days of the course registration and you also should not take your final exam.

How Can We Help You:
We are here 24/7 for your help. Have a question just get in touch with us and move forward with 100% confident on the course. We have the best US based support team to answer all your questions.

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Get all this for just $25.00 only 

More About the Course

List of Denton Court Districts Aprroved our Course

Aubrey Municipal CourtBartonville Municipal CourtClark Municipal CourtCopper Canyon Municipal CourtCorinth MunicipalDenton Municipal CourtDouble Oak Municipal CourtFlower Mound Municipal CourtHackberry Municipal CourtHickory Creek Municipal Court
Highland Village Municipal Court, DentonJustice of The Peace – Precinct 1 Court, TXJustice of The Peace – Precinct 2 Court, TexasJustice of The Peace – Precinct 4 Court, Denton, TXJustice of The Peace – Precinct 5 CourtJustice of The Peace – Precinct 6 CourtJustin Municipal CourtKrugerville Municipal CourtKrum Municipal CourtLake Dallas Municipal Court

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