What Is Texas Department Of Criminal Justice??

Abbreviated as ‘TDCJ’, this department focuses on the mission of:

  • Providing Public safety
  • Appreciate and promote any positive change in the offender’s behaviour.
  • Help the offenders to re-integrate in the society.
  • Assist the victims of the offense in various aspects.

Under public safety, there comes the offense related to traffic violations, that has motivated this governing body to formulate various safety oriented plans and courses, which are widely recognized, and benefit the society to a great extent. However, the foremost need of the hour is for the Texans to be aware of these traffic violations, the categories into which they fall, that are major or minor, and the consequences that these violations may lead to.

What Are Minor Traffic Violations??

According to TDCJ, these violations do not subject to the jail sentences, since these are not very serious in nature. However, there are some adverse consequences that are directly associated with any of the minor offense that takes place, and is recorded in the driver’s license for a stipulated time, a few of which are:

  • Fine subjected towards the offense
  • The points levied on the driver’s record
  • The increase in insurance premium attracted by the points on the license.
  • Repetition of the offense resulting in license suspension.

The following few points discuss about such minor traffic violations that a Texan license holder is expected to know before getting on to the road:

  • Disobeying Traffic Signal/ Crossing Red Light:

Breaching the signal in Texas, where the automated camera enforcement laws are followed, calls for a fixed fine of $75. However, the traditional practice at many districts varies in this amount, and a maximum of $200 fine can be levied on one instance of crossing the red light. The cameras take a maximum of 2 images, which are normally used to justify the case on behalf of the state of Texas.
In terms of points, once again there is no hard and fast rule about having those recorded for sure on the license. One may escape at occasional instances, but the driver must be well prepared in any sort of signal breach, about having a maximum of 2 points on to his driving records, provided that there was no major accident as the consequence of his act.

    • Driving On Shoulder:
      On approaching a slower vehicle, if there are cars on the opposite lane that would not allow the driver to pass through, they tend to drive on the shoulder to cross the slower vehicle. This is the violation of law in the state of Texas.
      The fine for this offense is a maximum of $250. However, one always has the right to defend his case, and protest the ticket, in the rare cases where he feels there was no other choice but to hit the shoulder.
      The points again vary from no point for the real lucky occasions, to a maximum of 2 points on the license.
      • Driving An Uninsured Vehicle:

Every automobile driver is supposed to be carrying the insurance for his vehicle, however, many of them do not do that. And the consequences are really serious if caught uninsured. For the first time offender, the monetary damage is the citation and offense fine payment of up to $350. This amount increases with the repeat offenses of similar nature, with the severity ending in jail terms on repetition. The second and under-insured offenses straight away mean the fines up to $1000, with the probability of having the license suspended, as well as the vehicle being impounded.
With the assumption that no accident is caused due to the uninsured vehicle, the first time offense can mean 2 points to 3 points, depending up on the discretion of the court, however, a repetition of the offense will end up in severity, suspending one’s license for a term or a lifetime.

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