Got a moving violation ticket then you can take up defensive driving course for any of one violation shown on the ticket, but if you are ticketed driving your motorcycle then to erase that ticket you need to go for Motorcycle Operators Training Course. Eligibility for going for Motorcycle Operators Training Course is same as Defensive Driving or TEA approved driving safety course.

You are Eligible For Driver Safety Course Only

If you have not requested or done this driver’s safety course in Texas with in 12 months of span.

Want to take the course for traffic violation which will not permit you to do this course like:

  • Moving with 25 miles per hour or more (defined speed range specific locality)
  • Insurance got expired or no insurance
  • Left the encounter place
  • By passing a school bus
  • Having commercial driver’s license then sorry you can’t do this course

How to request Texas Defensive Driving Course

Now Step by step to follow to dismiss your traffic ticket
First request for permission before the due date shown on your ticket. Requesting permission is not that hard, need not wait for long or talk to a prosecutor for the permission. You can even request permission for defensive driving through mail. Day or before you need to submit few documents.

  • Fully filled and notarized signature on the Affidavit form. Download the Affidavit form at this link.
  • Valid proof of having permanent Texas drivers license.
  • Court fee of $132.10

Another most important note to remember, 90 days duration after affidavit is notarized to complete drivers safety course. Also get your fresh driving record and submit the both the documents defensive driving course completion certificate and your driving record. Prove your completion or else will be scheduled for an hearing before the Judge or remainder fee of $150

There are many approved course providers online and classroom. But I prefer for an online Texas Approved defensive driving course provider. Minimum course fee is $25.00 and if you can find any provider enroll with out wasting time in finding for a better price.

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