Learn Online Texas Parent Taught Drivers Education (P.T.D.E)

Unlike a conventional driver’s education program, a Texas parent taught driver education (PTDE) is a best program for teens who are interested in driving where a parent teaches driving rules, precautions on roads and safety measures while driving for their own children. It is officially recognized in the state of Texas United States. Texas online drivers Ed program makes teens to learn and experience the skills necessary to acquire collision-free driving and traffic rules of their own state as traffic rules vary from one state to another. Drivers Ed program includes both a class room curriculum and on-wheel driving sessions.

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Every parent wants their children to be educated in all aspects while they grow. Online drivers Ed Texas program gives chance for a parent to teach all the skill for their own child which is most needed on the roads. But every parent cannot participate in Texas Online Drivers Ed program as this program has many restrictions and stipulations governed by Department of Public Safety.

In order to participate in Texas drivers Ed program a parent as an instructor must have following qualities and fair driving records.

  • Program Eligibility Requirements:

1) The Instructor must be a student’s parent, step-parent, and grandparent, step-grandparent, foster parent or other legal guardian.
2) The Instructor should hold a valid state driver’s license for the past 3 years; or if active military personnel or spouse, a valid driver license from state of permanent residency or last duty station for past 3 years.
3) The Instructor should have a fair driving record without any convection’s of driving while intoxicated or criminally negligent homicide. In addition, the instructor should not have any suspensions or revocations for traffic related violations.
4) If Instructor is disabled due to mental illness he/she may not be yours instructor.
5) Student must be 14 years of age prior to beginning the classroom portion. To take a learner’s license exam, student age must be at least 15 years.

  • Note:

It is the responsibility of the instructor to check both his criminal and driving records before signing up for Texas Parent Taught Drivers Education and requesting for a DPS packet.The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) will verify the instructor’s record at the time of processing the student’s learner’s license and again at the time of student’s provisional driver license. If at the time of verification, an instructor found not meeting the requirements, department will deny the license along with any prior class instruction and behind the while instructions. This becomes invaluable for the instructor and the student. An eligible instructor needs to request for the appropriate form (affidavit DL-90a) to apply for PTDE program in his state.

  • Procedure to Apply:

1) In Texas, to apply for a PDTE program you must choose a driving education curriculum provider approved by Department of Public Safety (DPS). The Instructor need to complete the affidavit stating that you are taking part in the Parent taught Drivers Education, that you are legal to drive and that you will follow traffic rules and all rules regarding the program.
2) Next you must mail in the completed affidavit along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. You will receive an acknowledgement that you need to keep on hand when the student driver is behind the wheel.
3) After receiving the acknowledgement you will need to purchase the parent taught curriculum that indicated on the affidavit.
4) Complete the parent taught driver’s education course as stated in the curriculum.

In Texas, the participants must apply separately for each student undergoing this program and must pay a non-refundable fee of 20$ for each student. This fee is used in providing the classroom curriculum for the instructor that he/she should follow.The Texas Online Driver’s Education course has two different plans – Concurrent Method and Block Method.The Concurrent Method requires at least six classroom hours to be completed before taking the Texas learner’s license exam and start the road time where as the Block Method requires the 32 classroom hours.

Note: Any behind the wheel instructions are not permitted until the Issuance of Texas learner’s license.Classroom and Behind-the-wheel Instruction Log Records should be completed by the instructor daily. You need to submit all this log records as proof that you meet all the objectives outlined in the PTDE program at the time of exam.In Texas, we offer the Texas drivers Ed online course for all the teens whose age is between 14 -17. By this course, your teens can get necessary concepts to get the learners license and further the provisional license. We provide the necessary curriculum for classroom instructions as approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

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Get all this for just $149.95 only 

DPS Driver Education FAQ’s

What is DE-964 Form?

If a teen wants to get driving license he/she needs to take Driver Education Course in Texas. After you complete Texas Drivers ED certificate called DE-964.

How Much is Parent Taught Drivers ED in Texas

About 28 online course providers offer Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed online course. Every provider has there own price, maximum price of TX Drivers Ed Online course is $150 and the lowest price is $59 by texasparenttaughtdriversed.com.

Complete Parent Taught Drivers ED Course Providers List:

Below Texas Parent Taught Driver Education course providers offer complete pack of drivers ed course. They have packed the entire 32 hours classroom portion in this course, you can do this at your pace. Student have to complete 6 hrs of online Parent Taught Drivers ED course before Texas Learner License exam.

WebsiteCourse ProviderCourse PriceCourse ProviderPhone
www.allstardriveredonline.com/details.php?id=2All Star Driver Education & Driving School$79#1021-800-942-2050
https://www.americasdriversed.comAmerica’s Driver’s Ed$79#110(877)-993-5662
teendrivingcourse.com/texas-state/Teen Driving Course$89.95PT1111-800-482-6593
virtualdriveoftexas.comVirtual Drive of Texas$75.00PT107888/241-0896
texasparenttaughtdriversed.comTexas Parent Taught Driver Ed$59.00PT130512/775-7525
edrive.trainingEDrive (Paretn Taught Online Course)$74.00PT123512-222-1105
www.teentexasdriving.comTeen Texas Diring Course$97.00PT118877/590-9136
http://www.usdrivertraining.com/texas-driver-education-dps.phpNational Driver Training Texas$74.99#1151-800 967-7719
www.topchoicedriversed.comTop Choice Drivers Ed Course$75.00PT132713/444-1550
http://teens.edriver.training/EDriver Training – Parent Taught Drivers Ed$74#153800/942-2050
www.parenttaughtteendriversed.comParent Taught Teen Drivers ED$74.00PT143512/626-2207
http://nationaldriver.trainingND Training – Parent Taught Drivers Education$74.00PT117512/626-2207
www.idrivesafely.com/drivers-ed/texas/I Drive Safely – Teen Drivers Education$97.00PT109800/990-2814
https://xlr8drivingschool.com/XLR8 Driver’s Education$40#128(254)-751-1136
https://parenttaughtdriversed.com/Parent Taught Drivers Ed LLC (Online)$81#134(281)-455-0609
www.aceable.com/texas/parent-taught-drivers-ed/Aceable DRIVERS ED$75.00PT116512/630-0076

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